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About Zanzibar

About Zanzibar

Only 3 ½ hours flight from Johannesburg you will find the majestic islands of Zanzibar where rustling coconut palms, white powder sand and the warm Indian Ocean combine to create a stunning recluse for those in search of tranquillity. Enjoy exclusive privacy and the supreme views over the Indian Ocean and the famous Zanzibar sunset. Zanzibar offers clients an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the uniqueness of Zanzibar will make time stand still. An island escape that will still give you that untouched feeling as you walk along the white powdered beaches with you partner you could find yourself all alone.

Mysterious, exotic and romantic. the Zanzibar Archipelago, with its rich tapestry of history and culture, never ceases to inspire. Situated in the Indian Ocean, 37km offshore from Tanzania, Zanzibar is your quintessential tropical paradise. The island has magnificent, long stretches of palm-fringed beach with sand as fine and white as icing sugar. It’s blessed with warm azure seas, well protected for swimming by distant fringing reefs. Vibrant coral reefs teem with tropical marine life, providing an underwater playground for snorkelers and scuba divers. Arab dhows and wooden outrigger canoes glide quietly by on the horizon.

The ancient and modern rub shoulders in the narrow coral-walled streets that form the social hub of Zanzibar — Stone Town. This fascinating World Heritage Site, with its winding alleyways, rooftop restaurants, bustling bazaars and grand Arab and colonial houses, reveals an exotic ancestry. You’ll find a heady combination of African, Persian, European, Oman and Asian influences. The island was once the desirable residence of Omani Sultans and a bustling Portuguese trading post for ivory, slaves, gold and ebony. It was also a stepping-stone for famous explorers such as Livingstone, Stanley and Burton. The island is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as boasting the shortest war in history — lasting just 45 minutes and fought against the British in 1896.

Zanzibar’s inhabitants, the Swahili, are well known for their wide smiles, gracious hospitality and delicious Swahili cuisine. The coast is dotted with charming makuti-thatch villages where people fish in the wooden dhows or farm spices and seaweed. It’s a simple rural lifestyle that has remained unchanged over the years and forms part of the magic of visiting this tranquil island.





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