3* Panga Chumvi Beach Resort Zanzibar


Nungwi Dreams is a brand new 5 star luxury boutique hotel situated on the northern tip of Nungwi, the highest rated and most pristine beach on the zanzibar island. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the Nungwi and Kendwa areas, Nungwi Dreams offers a more serene and private setting for the utmost peace and tranquility.

Enjoy a secluded and luxurious hideaway with access to a pristine and private beach.

The design elements embody contemporary architecture alongside local Swahili and Arabic flair giving you a complete experience on the Spice Island.

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Hotel information:

Panga Chumvi is a beach-front, eco resort situated right on the beautiful, silvery- sand beach of Matemwe, with the reef and Mnemba Atoll in view. It is relaxed and tranquil, with the sea and amazing coral reef environment. You'll love our closeness to nature. Due to the coral reef, the sea here is incredibly child-friendly. Adults and children alike feel at home here, and our restaurant, you'll find, is excellent value.

Panga Chumvi Beach Resort in Zanzibar -

This barefoot, toes in sand experience will definitely leave you wanting more.





4 or 7 Nights

Wedding & Honeymoon